Blockchain Project Ideas for Beginners

10 Best Blockchain Project Ideas for Beginners-You Must Know

Blockchain is an emerging technology in the information technology sector. There are so many applications presented in the IT market which are blockchain-based applications. Blockchain opens ways that give you the opportunity to develop many blockchain applications in the IT industry. These are the best opportunities you can grasp to become a blockchain developer. You must know all about blockchain project ideas for beginners if you want to become a blockchain developer. It’s very important for you to know it. 

Blockchain technology is an advanced database mechanism technology that helps the business network share transparent and important information. It stores the information in the blocks of the system that link together in the form of a chain structure. It is the best technology that has the properties like Programmable, Secure, Anonymous, Distributed, Immutable, Time-stamped, Unanimous, etc. 

Why are Blockchain project ideas important? 

Blockchain project ideas are very important for beginners because when you start your learning, it is very important that you know how you can achieve your goals. If you don’t know what to do and how to do it, then you can’t achieve success. That’s why it is very important that you know all the blockchain project ideas for beginners on which you can work and give your best to grasp the best career opportunities in your life. Every beginner needs guidance and instruction when they start learning.

Best Blockchain project ideas for beginners

1. Smart Contract-Based Trusted Crowdfunding Platform

A smart contract-based trusted crowdfunding platform is the best project idea for beginners. You can create a blockchain-based application that helps investors find information about their investment details. Because they sometimes invest their money in the wrong campaign and misused it. That application helps investors to avoid those mistakes and helps them to start new businesses. 

2. Blockchain-based ridesharing application

You can create a blockchain-based application that connects the driver and rider directly without the interference of a third party. Like Ola and Uber, in which the full information of the drivers is secured. Every rider can visit this application and choose their pick-up and destination places. This is one of the best ideas from blockchain project ideas for beginners. 

3. Location information for a specific shipment

This is the best project idea in which you can implement a system that provides the location details of the shops, malls, hospitals, bus and railway stations, airlines, etc. It can be easy for the customer to find the location of the place where he wants to go. Every person can search for the location of that place or the person whose location they want to know by sharing their live location. It’s become easy to search for the right way for those who are lost and don’t remember the right way.

4. A fake system for product identification 

There are so many fake products on the market that look the same as the original product, but their qualities aren’t the same. It is very important that every consumer buys a real product with the best quality. So, it can be possible only by this project, in which you can implement a QR code scanner that scans the QR code of the product and verifies whether the product is real or not. It is the best blockchain project idea that you can follow.

5. Blockchain-based voting system

You can also design a voting system application through which you can replace the paper-based voting system. Elections in the nation made transparent and subject to public scrutiny thanks to the blockchain-based system. If implemented properly, voting can be done through a mobile app linked to a blockchain platform. This project makes voting easy and every person can give their vote easily to whomever they want to choose. 

6. Genuine and Open Application for Charities

Many fraudulent organizations take or steal money from innocent people claiming to be charities. The majority of people want to give money to charity, but they are unsure if it will get to the right hands of needy people or not. Online charity trusts may become more transparent thanks to the blockchain-based system. Donors can track the progress of their gifts in real-time and determine whether they are reaching the right people or not.

7. Decentralized Web Host Systems

Today, web hosting functions by centrally hosting all web content, including text, code, and media content, so that we can access it via the internet. What happens if blockchain technology allows your website to operate without a central server? Many people don’t know that websites go down when server maintenance or the load of the servers gets high. This is the best project idea that gives you the best opportunities to grow in your career. 

 8. Loyalty points exchange system

This project idea is one of the best blockchain project ideas for beginners in which you can create a loyalty points exchange system. When any consumer doesn’t change their brand, company, or product, that refers to loyalty. That type of loyal customer requires loyalty points that resemble the loyalty reward. That loyalty point customer cannot exchange it with a family member or friend, nor can they change brands or products. 

9. Track back the source of your food.

You can create a blockchain project on the track back to the source of your food. If you want to eat healthy or organic food, then you need an application that shows you the hygienic food stores or farms. Where can you find the highest-quality food? Blockchain technology helps you to design an application in which you can implement the information of all stores and food farms. 

10. Renting system for disk space

In this project, you can create a blockchain-based renting system for disk space. People can give their unused disk space on rent to needy people. That works on the blockchain registry system. In the blockchain system, we can register every disk space. If anyone wants to rent it, they are welcome to do so. It is the best project that you can create to achieve success in your life. 

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In this article, we discussed all of the blockchain project ideas for beginners. Those project ideas are the best ideas on which you can base your project. These project ideas provide the best career opportunities to become a blockchain developer. We give you the best project ideas and we hope that you like those ideas and that they are useful for you. If you follow these ideas, we are sure that you will succeed. 


How can you create a blockchain project?

Firstly, you can create an object-oriented programming style. Then, create hashes for blocks in the chain, create an API, create a real-time connected server, and implement a proof-of-work algorithm. That’s all the important instructions that you can follow to create a blockchain project. 

What are the types of blockchains? 

There are four types of blockchain technology. 

  1. Public blockchain 
  2. Private blockchain 
  3. Hybrid blockchain
  4. Consortium blockchain

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