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Digital Graphics: Definition, Types, Uses, and Purposes.

Digital graphics is that field in which we can design posters, magazines, books, web images, visiting cards, video games, etc. Every designer needs to know about graphic design. If you want to know about everything related to graphics, you should read this article until the end. This article helps you to learn about digital graphics, which can help you to boost your career. It is very important at present that you have full knowledge and information about that graphic design, which we can make digitally and give you a different experience. It is that application through which you can design images, magazines, books, a beautiful wedding or visiting cards, etc.

By “digital,” we know that it is computer-based work, which we can do with the help of various applications. With the special applications of computers, you can give special effects to your attractive and effective designs. So that’s why you should learn computer and digital graphics applications in which you can create your unique designs. In this field, you can show everyone you have so much talent for creativity. 

What is digital graphics?

A digital graphic is a digital or electronic image that includes combined text and effective pictures that improve a website’s or design’s look and influence the audience. It involves the expression of an idea or message to the users. You must know about graphic design. It can be printed on the display or on-screen. We can use this for various purposes and create our plans for different purposes.

Types of digital images

Here are two types of the digital image
  1. Vector
  2. Raster

Vector image

The vector image is very important for these graphics, and we can use it to handle the resizing, and they use it to retain crisp detail when the image scales to any size. It is an important part of electronic images.

Here are some important file extensions given

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)Web-based vector format
EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)Adobe-based vector format
EMF (Enhanced Metafile)Microsoft office-based vector format
Important file extensions

Raster image

Raster images are complex images like photographs, and it has a widely compatible file format. It is very important that images should be effective and attractive. When we enlarge those images, it becomes blurry. 

Here are some important file extensions given

JPG (Joint Photographic Expert Group)Compressed raster format, widely used for photos
PNG (Portable Network Graphics)Raster format good for illustrations or icons
TIFF (Tag Image File Format)Raster format that is good for high-resolution printing
Important file extensions

Types of Digital Graphics

Here are so many types of digital graphics. Some important types are given below.

Computer art 

In this, you can create designs with the help of computer applications. Digital graphics is an art that we can build on computers in digital forms. It can be purely computer-based design like fractals or taken from another source, scanned photographs or images that we can design with the help of a mouse or graphics tablet applications. 

Synthetic art

Synthetic art allows the creation of art with sophisticated drawing tools. Those tools help us to design and give the best results to us. That is the pure raster image type in which we can develop effective images and provide the best output to us. 

Mechanical art

Mechanical art is that which refers to the creation or laying out of the publication pages. That predicts the use of now-standard computerized pages design desktop publishing designs programs. It can make us the best designer who designs the best mechanical art. 

CAD (Computer Aided Designs)

It is a computer-aided program that we can use to design, create, modify, analyze, and make other manipulations or changes in 2D or 3D images or models. We can use it to improve the quality of the image or model and increase the productivity of computer-based pictures or models. That influences the audience or viewers.


A pixel picture is the smallest unit of images or videos that can be displayed on a digital display device. It is an important part of digital graphics, and it helps to combine the images, videos, text, or other visible things that are displayed on the screen. It is the basic logical unit of graphics, and without it, graphic designs are not possible. 

Bit Maps-real world analog

Bits are an important part of graphics, and we can use them to arrange the color, size, and other features of the image or video. It helps to create changes in the bits or pixels of the pictures like their design, font size, image size, the color of the bits, etc. all manipulations are part of this type of digital graphics. 

Uses of digital graphics 

We can use it in so many areas to make or create designs. The following uses are given below.

  • CD/DVD
  • Advertisements
  • Magazines 
  • Books
  • Website images
  • Multimedia products and games

Those areas are special and popular fields where we can use them. In the present time, it is mostly used to create the things which we discuss above. 

Purposes to use the digital graphics

We can use it for many purposes, but there are some important features that we can discuss in this article. It is very important that you should use that in your life to represent your talent and skills in this field. 

Here are important purposes are given, why and where we use it. 

  • In education, we use graphic design to learn, and in designing books and other structures to represent it effectively and attract attention.  
  • In information, when we design any notice or other informational documents or images, then we use graphics to develop it. We can create very beautiful and attractive informative graphic designs.
  • In promotion, when we have any new product or things that we can manufacture, we can use a graphic designer to design promotional banners or posters. You can see that when any new movies or songs are going to launch, graphic designers can design them.
  • In advertisements, for any ad, we can use these graphic designs, like posters, pamphlets, images, videos, etc. If you want that type of design, you should learn that application in the computer to make creative advertisements that influence the audience and convince them to buy that thing. 
  • In entertainment, we can use it in the entertainment field. If you see movies or cartoons, then I hope you observe the special effects which make them effective and attractive. Their features, backgrounds, and graphics are superb, which influences the children to see them. 

Digital designers may create Banner ads, UX Wireframes, Animations, Interactive elements, movies, etc. with the help of that application of designing. 


In this article, we discuss digital graphics and all their types, uses, purposes, etc., and I’m hoping that this article is useful for you and you get the answer to your question: what are digital graphics, and why and where can we use them? In this article, I explained everything and any concepts related to that topic you want to know about. It is very important that everyone be aware of that topic and learn it to better represent their creative design to all people. 

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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Digital Art Versus Graphic Design

Digital artists create animation and graphics for video games, television, and film. Layouts and designs used to express ideas in printed materials and on websites are created by graphic designers.

What is the job of a Digital Graphics Designer?

To produce media meant to be viewed on a screen or digital interface, digital designers blend technology and creativity. This could contain interactive features, web design, animation, or 2D or 3D models. Web design is one of the many professions that fall under digital format.

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