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Graphic design vs web design – Differences You Should Know..!!

Graphic designs and web designs are very different from each other. It is very important that you know all about graphic design vs web design. Web design represents the website layout and other features, whether graphic design is a different area where you can design photos, videos, books, magazines etc. If you want to know everything about web design and graphic design, then you should read this article till the end.  

Graphic design vs web design both have almost the same job of designing in which they create effective and attractive designs, but web designing and graphic development both have different features and steps of designing. When you develop the website, you follow the various parts, and visual elements, like font size, color, page design, page presentation, etc. all the features that give a different look to your webpage.

Instead, graphic design follows some different features and steps of designing. It is the visual communication of photography, typography, etc in which you can show your talent for creativity. In this, you should follow the different visual elements like image background, font color, font size and design, etc. and other special creative tools that make the graphics effective. You should be aware of the differences between graphic design vs web design.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the technique through which you can communicate with everyone by showing your creativity in designing images, videos, magazines, posters, banners, and so many other things that you can design. These all include messages that you can send to everyone with the help of your graphic designs. It is a great profession for those people who have creative thinking and enjoy designing art, technology and communication. It has a wider scope for making a career in this field. 

To become a graphic and web designer, you should learn the concept of graphic design v/s web design.

What is Web Design?

Web design deals with the designing of websites in which their logo, page size, color, format, and other features make the website presentable. Web design is not permanent, and it needs development from time to time. Its important features are HTML, CSS, UX, UI etc. which help to maintain and develop websites. Websites are important for search engine optimization. Without this, you can’t post any blog on the google page. If you want to become a web developer, then you should learn this for designing and developing websites. 

It is very important that you should be aware of the concept of graphic design v/s web design.

The difference between graphic design vs web design

 Here are some basic differences given below that you should know. 

                  Graphic design                           Web design
Graphic designs are permanent; they don’t need time-to-time development and maintenance. Web designs are dynamic in nature, and they need time-to-time development and maintenance. 
It is not concerned with load times and file and image size. They should be effective. Web designs concerned with the load time and file and image size that affects the speed of loading, and it takes the maximum time. 
It is static in nature because it does not change from time to time.It is interactive in nature because so many people interact with websites. 
It is closely worked with the creative designer who makes beautiful and attractive designs. It is closely worked with the web developer or designer because websites need changes from time to time. 
Graphic designers don’t have an ongoing relationship with an audience because they design the graphics for permanent use. Web designers have an ongoing relationship with the viewers or readers because they design and develop websites from time to time. 

Here are some important differences between graphic design and web design.

Visual elements 

Visual elements are different for every design. If you are a designer, then you can understand the minor difference between web designs and graphic designs. Here are some important visual elements which we can use to design the web and graphics. 

Color effect

Web designs have different colors for their page features and look. It is very important that you choose a beautiful color shade for your webpage. In graphics, there are other color shades and features that you can choose for your pictures when you design the graphics. 

Fonts size and design

In web and graphics, there are different features that you can choose or select during the designing of websites and graphics. They have different styles, sizes and colors for different designs of websites and pictures that you can use for designing them.  

Presentation methods

There are different presentable methods for websites and graphics that you can present in various ways. Pictures are permanent in nature, so that’s why we should represent this very beautifully and attractively, which influences the audience towards them. Websites are dynamic in nature. We can change their features and develop them from time to time, so design and present them according to that situation or demand.

Information carriers

A website is the best information carrier through which you can provide the information to the viewers or readers who are using your website to get the information related to any topic that they want to know about. Graphics is the information carrier in which designers provide information via images or videos and other graphic design from which the audience gets the information that they want. 

Information spreading

Information spreading is that which we can send to the audience through the website and the graphics designs which we can create by the designer in a very effective and attractive way. They both are information spreaders, but they spread information in different-different ways. They use different carriers to distribute the information. 

Browse mode 

In graphics, browse mode is in a progressive way, while in websites, it is in scroll bars and buttons, which support the scrolling of web pages. If any website has long content that’s presented on many pages, then scroll bars and buttons help readers to scroll the pages, and they get the information that they want. 

There are some similarities between graphic design and web design which I can provide you below you can read. 

Similarities between graphic design vs web design

  • Master design fundamentals 
  • Stay up to date with design trends
  • Creative problem solving
  • Communication 

These are some important points which help you to know about the similarities between graphic and web designing, which must be in your knowledge. 

Graphic Design Vs Web Design: Job Responsibilities 

In web designing, job responsibilities are designing websites and developing them from time to time according to the demand of the audience and their interest area. It is very important that you should know everything about HTML, CSS, UI, UX etc. to design websites.

Graphics designing deals with the designing of photos, videos, banners, pamphlets, books and magazines etc. you can prepare these with the help of graphic design tools. It is very important to design the graphics, and you get the best graphic design. 

To do a job in this field, you must be aware of the differences between graphic design vs web design, which is very important for everyone. 


This is an important topic that you should know. What is the difference between graphic design vs web design? That’s why I’m providing all the information related to that topic in this article. I hope this article proves helpful for you and you appreciate it. I’m trying to give the complete relevant information to you related to that topic. It is very important for you that you should know everything about graphic and web design. At the present time, they both are very popular. It would be best if you thought about making your career in these fields. That decision proves best for your life.

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Is graphic and web design a good career?

Yes, graphic and web design are good careers. Graphic design needs creative thinking and full knowledge of designs. If you enjoy designing anything and you have a talent to design anything, then they are the best job and career options for you. 

Is graphic designing hard and what skills are necessary for it?

No, graphic designing is not hard and you can design anything easier if you have creative thinking. You need skills for graphic design like creative thinking, communication, visual elements, Adobe’s apps, coding, branding, and other designing tools that you can use during your designs. 

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