Uses of Matlab | A Comprehensive Guide on The Uses of MATLAB

Uses of Matlab | A Comprehensive Guide on The Uses of MATLAB

Before grabbing the knowledge of the uses of MATLAB, you should have to know about MATLAB. We are telling you a short description of MATLAB then further we describe the uses of MATLAB.

Introduction and definition of MATLAB:

The MATLAB is basically written to prove the easy access to matrix software which is developed by EISPACK & LINPACK. It is a software used to solve mathematical problems and many more.


MATLAB  is a proprietary coding language and in short. It is a multi-paradigm computing environment. The word MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory. It is the programming language that is used to solve the matrix problems in an easy way. MATLAB allows some critical functions like plotting of functions, matrix manipulations and data implementation of algorithms, and interfacing with the programs written in other languages.

Top 9 Uses of MATLAB:

1.Using as calculator:

In all calculators the coding is done under MATLAB, To solve the mathematical problems.

For example:-

If you have to solve  this (1+2*3) equation then u have to write it as,

(“>>” this is the prompt command)

>> 1+2*3

 Answer = 7

2. Using as wireless communication:

It is the communication in which the two people interact with each other, by using MATLAB we can contact anywhere wirelessly. Our engineers were using the MATLAB technology for wireless signal.

For example Massive MIMO and beamforming, RF transceiver are some techniques used by MATLAB for wireless communication.

3. Using as Computational finance and Computational Biology:

Computational biology:

In this MatLab, products were used in the biological department to predict and understand biological behavior using mathematical modeling and to analyze the data.

Computational finance:

In this, we can study financial data and financial modeling. Further, Matlab also provides you computational finance techniques. This enables you to generate a quantitative application for investment management, econometrics, insurance, and risk management.

4. Use of Matlab in Embedded system-:

Embed system is one of the computer systems which includes both software and hardware components. And it uses to design a specific task by just pushing the button. Matlab generates the code which we can use in the equipment or hardware to run the hardware.

For example: in most electronic devices like cameras, washing machines, etc.

5. Use of Matlab in digital signal processing-:

We can use the digital process by computer or special signal processor to translate the signal is a called digital signal processing. Matlab makes this process very easy. The Matlab products translate the signal in a very significant way. It reduces the time which helps to make the workflow for the development of streaming applications and embedded systems.

6. Use of Matlab in Image processing and computer vision-:

On the one side computer vision always looks at images like the human eye. As well as, Image processing, on the other hand, it mainly focuses on the raw image to make use in any task. Such as image processing and for both coding is necessary.

7. Use of Matlab for robotics-:

Robotics is a combination of science and engineering. MatLab is the source by which we can make a robot bodywork by some good programming. But nowadays robotics is using the artificial intelligence language and use MatLab coding. By programming, we can also make automation devices. It is also a part of robotics in foreign mostly large industries are using MatLab coding in robots to do work.

8. Use of Matlab for Mechatronics system-:

A technology that combines mechanical and electronics engineering is known as mechatronics. Embedded software, electrical control system, and integrating mechanical subsystems are some tools of a mechatronic system. Not only but also with the use of Matlab, you can easily design, create and reproduce all in a single manner.

9. Use of Matlab for Control system-:

Matlab provides control to the device and system. It is one of the most common reasons for using Matlab on many devices. Equally important, the control system is necessary for any equipment. Because It is liable for regulating, offering the command, even for managing the movements of other devices and systems. The systems which controlled the range from large industries to home heaters and the processes of the machine can be handled by the control system.

Some features of Matlab:

  • Matlab offers the user a huge library of mathematical functions.
  • It also provides toolboxes function, which includes Matlab data, code, apps, documentation. It helps the user to utilize each Toolbox, and it helps the user to create the algorithm.
  •  Matlab is an advanced-level language with the function and some features like object-oriented programming, control flow statements, and data structures.


In this, we discuss the uses of Matlab. In this, we also provide some examples by which you can get the point very easily. The uses of MATLAB are written by our experts which will help you to learn what MATLAB is, so make knowledge about the uses of MATLAB by us.

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