Web Designing Projects Ideas for Beginners

Top 12 Best Website Designing Projects Ideas for Beginners

Are you looking for web design project ideas? Are you new to website design? Then it is the best place that gives you the best ideas for your website design. Websites are the best option and platform where everyone gets the best solutions and content. Through this, people enhance their knowledge and skills of learning. Practicing web development projects both best and provided with code bridges the gap between practical application and theoretical knowledge. The best way through which you can get web development ideas. It is very important that you know all the website designing project ideas for beginners. 

Top 12 best website designing projects ideas for beginners

Websites are very important for everyone because when someone wants to know about anything, they prefer to get solutions from websites. That’s why it is very important that we can design websites in this way so that every viewer should be affected and satisfied by the answers uploaded on them. This list of website designing project ideas suits beginners & intermediate level learners. These website design project ideas help you to grow in your life and career in the field of website design.

One-page layout

Single-page designs are the best examples of one-page layout project ideas for website design. Managing a website helps us to assure content and navigation visits on the webpage. Website users will testify to a perfect and efficient user understanding. A one-page layout is a webpage mostly developed to e-market or promote creation and assistance in the e-commerce enterprise. 

Statistics website

This is the most suitable idea to create a website for newbies. You can design this website in a very effective way. People want relevant information so you can provide that information with a good presentation of a website in which you can add so many features. It is very important that you know how you can design this type of website. 

Product landing page

The product landing page has the ability to attract more clients and viewers to the website and target to increase the number of viewers on the web page. Design product dock porters are important for website designers to experiment with beneficial skills and how effective they are. This can establish the best project idea for a beginner who wants to become a website designer that fulfills the demand of customers.

Search Engine Result Page

This is an excellent project idea for your website design in which you can design the SERP(search engine result page) that corresponds to the google SERP(search engine result page). You must add some essential features to this website design. Like you can add a page on which at least ten search results feature on the search engine result page and a navigation arrow through which viewers move to the next page.

Tribute page

The tribute page is one of the best website designing project ideas for beginners that suits your learning and improving design skills. It is very important that you know Google’s “tribute page,” that you will find a comprehensive list of links showing you how to build tribute pages in website designing. Essentially a tribute page is a website page dedicated in honor of someone you admire, love, or respect. 

JavaScript game

This is the best project idea for website design that you should follow and design the best website. This web development project aims to design a JavaScript quiz game that can take multiple answers and show the right result to viewers. While gaining JavaScript knowledge is not tricky, applying that knowledge in real-world scenarios is usually challenging. However, you can experiment with your skills and learning by working on a small JavaScript-based quiz game. 

Login authentication

It is a vital process that is widely used by organizations to keep their servers safe by giving access only to authenticated users. Every website or application demands viewers or readers to complete the login authentication process to fix their credentials for security purposes and to improve user experience. Working on login authentication website designing projects for students is the best way to improve one’s development skills.

Giphy API(Application programming interface)

This is an excellent website designing project idea in which everyone can design an attractive website that targets to attract the most of the audience towards the webpage. This project involves designing a website application that uses search inputs, Giphy API, and other features for presenting GIFs on a webpage. This is an excellent beginner-level project wherein you use the gypsy API and other important features which makes the website effective and attractive.

To-do list

A To-do list is the perfect project idea for website designing in which you can add some important features that you should know and you can add the best features in this project. Like what-to-do (important tasks), when to-do (time and date) and adding and removing tools (editing tools), and most importantly highlighting important tasks & works, date & time and that reminds you of important works and time.

Countdown timer

This is the best website designing project ideas for beginners that you can follow in your learning period. Another simple project idea on our list is a countdown timer or clock. For this project, you can create a simple webpage that can update the time every second. With the help of JavaScript programming language as its foundation, you can create a webpage more appealing by including start, pause, and stop buttons on the page.

AJAX-style login

In this project full focus is on building the front-end of an AJAX-style login website/page. In AJAX-style login, the login webpage doesn’t need to reload the webpage to ensure whether or not you have to input the correct login details. If you want to design this website, you can also create a mockup of both successful and invalid login situations by hard-coding a username and password and comparing this to the information entered by a user. You can also add error notifications or messages in website design for situations where the input data is incorrect or not found.

Business website

Website for the business is the best project for designing a website in which you can create a simple static Business Portfolio Website. It can focus on any industry such as a restaurant, sports gear, fashion clothing, etc. Here, you can also present the items and services given by the business while also adding relevant prices, photographs, contact details, etc. In this project, you can use your HTML and CSS programming skills to design the website’s structure and layout. You should align these product photos and utilize the best method to design a multi-column website.


We discussed the top 12 website design projects ideas for beginners that is very helpful and useful for everyone. It is the best career for those whose website designing and programming skills are outstanding. Here, we give the best project ideas for website design that you can follow. We hope that you can follow those ideas in your project work and that will prove helpful for your tasks. 

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