C Programming Projects

Top 60 C Programming Projects: Every Beginner Should Know

C Programming Projects: When you learn the C programming language, then it is essential that you know everything about the C projects and which important C projects are present in the C libraries. Dennis Richie discovers the C programming language. He used this to create operating systems in so many fields. 

It is a very important question why is the C programming language still popular; instead, it has been around for more than 50 years. C projects are very popular in every development and creation of new operating systems, which we can use in so many areas. 

So you should know which are the important C programming projects available that we can study. If you want to make a C project and want to know every C project, then it is necessary that you read this article till the end with full focus and concentration. 

Some important C programming projects

  1. Employee information management system
  2. Bank management system 
  3. Calendar 
  4. Calculator
  5. Contact management system
  6. Snake game
  7. Library management system
  8. Bus reservation system
  9. Customer billing service
  10. Hospital management system
  11. Diary management system
  12. Cyber management system
  13. Cricket score display system
  14. Pacman game system
  15. Quiz game system
  16. Phone-book application
  17. Election system
  18. Flight ticket booking system
  19. Tourism management system
  20. Simple result system 
  21. Stock management system
  22. Student record management system 
  23. Unit converter project
  24. Mini voting system
  25. Tic-tac-toe system 
  26. Matrix calculator
  27. Electricity bill calculator system
  28. Movie ticket booking system
  29. Snake and ladder game 
  30. Lexical analyzer
  31. Dino game system
  32. Vaccine registration system 
  33. Password management system 
  34. Rock paper scissor game
  35. Hangman game 
  36. Grocery list
  37. Medical store management system
  38. Typing tutor system
  39. Traffic control management system 
  40. Telephone billing system
  41. Hotel accommodation system
  42. Cosmetic product management system
  43. Cashflow manager
  44. C Programming Ebook application
  45. Guessing game system 
  46. ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
  47. Computation transmission parameters in power system
  48. Catch a ball game
  49. Real estate advisor
  50. Tariff calculation
  51. Stepin quiz
  52. Sorting techniques system
  53. Customer’s virtual wallet
  54. Book cricket game 
  55. Halfwave and Full Wave rectifier
  56. Electronic circuit analyzer
  57. DTH billing system
  58. Departmental store management system
  59. Birthday list 
  60. Train reservation system

Those are all C programming projects. As you can see, these are projects that we commonly use in daily life. So that’s why it is very important that you know what the important C projects that you can read are. They work very smoothly and easily. If you want to become a programmer, then you should learn the C language and its projects. 

It works with the operating system, in which you can operate anything that you want. The C programming language is very easy, and you can learn to write programs in C language very easily. 


I am giving all the important project names in this article that you are reading now. C programming projects are very important for every programmer who wants to make new C projects. I hope that project names help you to learn about C projects and to do your work and that you can create your own C programming project. I’m sure that you read this article carefully and that this article is helpful for you. Every new programmer must know about the previous C programming projects, and they get the best opportunity to create new C projects. 

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In C, what is a project?

A crucial component of the C programming language projects. Programs that will be integrated to produce a single executable program or library are contained and managed by projects. Each programming activity will normally require a new project, so create one now.

Do I need to learn C?

Most programming languages, including Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and C++, were constructed on top of C, the base for most of them. Knowing C will help you understand other programming languages frequently used in the industry.

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