Python Projects For Beginners

Best 60+ Python Projects for Beginners and Intermediate Level

Programming experts frequently advise choosing one language and mastering it to a high level rather than jumping between technologies frequently and reaching an intermediate level. Regarding Python projects for beginners, we have some encouraging news if you’re starting with coding! Python is available and is a very simple, profitable language to start your career. 

We will go over 100+ different Python project ideas in this blog. Here, we’ve explored a variety of projects for beginners in Python and python mini projects for beginners. Such as 

  • Python projects for beginners (basic Python projects), 
  • Fascinating Python projects for intermediate students, 
  • Python Machine Learning projects
  • Python open-source projects built on open-source software.

This article will discuss the 100+ Python projects for beginners in 2022. There are countless excellent project ideas to help students improve their python proficiency. However, in this article, we’ll discuss some of the best Python project ideas that students should try. Build your résumé or use these cool Python projects for beginners to practice your programming skills in preparation for your school or college. We have also discussed some fun Python projects for beginners in this blog. 

About The Python Programming Language

Python has recently been one of the fastest-growing and most well-liked programming languages among new programmers. Python programming language is easier to learn than most other programming languages. If You are currently learning Python and want to develop your skills by making something. Making real-world projects or applications is the best approach to building confidence in any programming language.

Why are Beginners Needed for Basic Python Projects?

Programming as a skill requires application in live projects to be mastered. It would be best if you had basic Python projects to boost your confidence. Making python mini projects for beginners will help you learn python better. Additionally, working on actual projects will help you become an expert Python programmer. 

Check out our list of the finest Python learning books if you wish to learn the language through reading. Let’s begin with the list of simple python projects for beginners to understand better.

Simple Python Projects for Beginners

Number Guessing Game Project

Two random and math libraries for Python are required. You must enter a range of integers, after which the computer generates an unknown number for you. To win the game, you must correctly predict this number within a set number of turns.

Best Python Projects for Beginners: Calculator

All of us regularly use calculators. Have you ever considered using Python to create a calculator? Your understanding of the GUI Python library will be improved by a solid beginner’s Python project. Text boxes for inputs and results, as well as buttons for operands and digits, must be made.

Simple Photo Editor Python Project

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to create your Python-based photo editor? Building a photo editor is a great Python project idea for beginners because it teaches you about histogram equalization. By boosting contrast, an editor improves image clarity.

Mad Libs Generator 

Given that it uses strings, variables, and concatenation, this Python starter project is a nice place to start for newcomers. The input data that the Mad Libs Generator manipulates could be an adjective, a pronoun, or a verb. After receiving input, the program organizes the facts to create a story. If you’re new to coding, you should try this awesome Python project.

Binary Search Algorithm 

A crucial algorithm is the binary search algorithm. You must come up with a series of numbers starting at zero and ending with a number that differs from the previous one by two. When the user enters a random number to be searched, the computer splits the list in half to start its search. The required number is initially looked for in the first half; if it is discovered, the other half is rejected, and vice versa. The search is carried out until the number is located or the subarray size reaches zero.

Python Mini Projects for Beginners: Alarm Clock 

This Python Command Line Interface (CLI) application is a decent step forward for a beginning developer. With the help of this tool, certain YouTube links can be inserted into a text file in addition to sounding an alarm. The code selects a random video and begins playing it when a user sets the alarm.

Python Mini Projects for Beginners: Countdown Timer

It uses the time module, which is important to understand and a relatively simple module to construct.

Create Strong Passwords

People find it challenging to develop a strong, surprising password for their security. You may create a Python program to address this issue that prints an 8-character password that is difficult to remember using different characters from arrays of letters and digits.

Python programming projects for beginners: Sorting algorithm

One of the fundamental ideas in any programming language is sorting. Despite being a simple Python project, it improves your knowledge of Arrays. You must create a computer program to sort a given list of numbers in either ascending or descending order. 

Typing Speed Test

Trying to get better at typing helps to be aware of your typing speed. Why not implement that in a program? This simple Python project will calculate typing speed using the Tkinter and Timeit modules. The method will involve the display of words at random, and the typing speed will be determined by how long it takes to type each word.

Cool Python Projects For Beginners

Text-based Adventure Game

Users can navigate around many rooms inside a single set in this game version, and based on user input, it will provide descriptions for each location. One of the more intriguing introductory Python projects is this one.

Hangman Game

This Python game substitutes a word where the user guesses the letters, similar to how a random integer is generated. Additionally, you’ll need to make a counter to track how many incorrect letter guesses were made. Random library, boolean, input/output, char, string, and length are the skills that were utilized.

YouTube video downloader

One of the best methods to begin your hands-on Python projects for beginners is to work on a YouTube video downloader. 

A list of some more cool Python projects for beginners

Many students need various basic Python programs for beginners to practice. So here we have gathered a list of students to practice as much as possible.  We have selected easy python projects for beginners in the list. When you go through all these Python project ideas, you will be ready for advanced Python projects. Try to make all these projects for beginners in python on your own.

  • Prison Break
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Guessing Game
  • Snake
  • 21 Number game in Python
  • Site Connectivity Checker
  • Convert Roman Numbers to Decimals
  • Directory Tree Generator
  • BMI Calculator
  • Print Coloured Text
  • Fahrenheit to Celcius Converter
  • Taking Multiple User Inputs
  • Loan Calculator
  • Login System
  • Memory Puzzle Game
  • Mastermind Game using Python
  • Currency converter
  • Animal Quiz Game
  • Pong Game
  • Online Chess
  • Sudoku Solver
  • Simple Attendance Tracker
  • Live Train Status using Python
  • QR Code Generator
  • Animal Quiz Game
  • Using pyscreenshot in Python taking Screenshots 
  • Desktop Notifier
  • Get Live Weather Desktop Notifications Using Python
  • Email Slicer with Python
  • Story Generator with Python
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Magic 8 Ball Game
  • Clickomania Game
  • Python Battleship Game
  • Python Flappy Bird Game
  • Receipt Calculator
  • Dice Rolling Simulator
  • Python File Explorer
  • Music Player
  • Expense Tracker
  • Instagram Photo Downloader
  • Notepad
  • Make a Desktop GUI Calculator
  • Countdown Clock and Timer
  • Contact Book
  • Python Story Generator
  • Python Website Blocker
  • Random Password Generator
  • Python Command-Line Application


We Hope you go through the “python projects list for beginners” we have included various projects based on various interests as given below.  

  • Python projects for beginners
  • Basic python projects for beginners
  • Easy python projects for beginners
  • Fun python projects for beginners
  • Cool python projects for beginners

If you are a beginner in the Python programming language, this list will help you strengthen your basic concepts. 

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How Long Does Python Programming Take?

Learning the fundamentals of Python typically takes two to six months. However, you can quickly pick up enough knowledge to create your brief program. Learning how to use Python’s extensive collection of libraries can take months or years.

Is learning Python challenging?

Python is regarded as a programming language for novices. A programmer may concentrate on what to accomplish instead of how to achieve it because it is a high-level language. This is a key factor in why Python is quicker to write programs than other programming languages.