C vs Python

C vs Python: Best Ever Difference That You Must Know

Before starting anything about C vs Python, we will first discuss the definitions of both, and then it will be easy to measure the difference between them. As you all know, both are part of open-source programming languages. Some technologies are added to their catalogs to make them more productive, advanced, and fast.

For beginners, a question always arises in their minds about which language they have to learn and which is more productive and fast. C is one of the old and finest programming languages. On the other side, PYTHON is a new version with so many new tools and is easy to use for a new beginner. There are always advantages and disadvantages to programming languages, so it’s understandable if you’re unsure which one to choose. All you need to know is C Vs Python which we will discuss in this article.

C vs Python: Definitions

C programming language?

C programming language is used to perform various operations for the operating system. Also, it has a particular procedure that a programmer must follow and write their programs step by step. It is one of the most vital programming languages. Many students believe that C is the foundation of all programming languages. Yes, once you begin coding in any language, you will start to understand its syntax. You will feel much better when you move on to another programming language because you have already learned the fundamentals.

Python Programming language

As you know, Python is a programming language designed for easy to read and very simple to implement. It is an open-source application that is free. It means anyone can use it even for commercial applications; you can use Python for free. Accordingly, it uses for creating web applications and digital content. Python works better if you want to grow your career as a data scientist. For this purpose, it is one of the best and most productive programming languages.

C vs Python: According To Google Trends

C Vs Python: Advantages and Disadvantages 

Advantages of C

C is one of the programming languages which is used widely. There are so many advantages of C that’s why it’s used worldwide. The advantages are as follows:

  • It’s easy to learn, that’s why people prefer to work on C 
  • The structure of C is very friendly and professional. 
  • It produces efficient programs to accomplish work
  • Also, it can be put together with different computer platforms
  • It can be used in each circumstance either low-level activity or high-level.

Advantages of Python

Python is one of the advanced programming languages which was created in 1991. The advantages of python are as follows:

  • It’s easy to learn and read as compared to C
  • Its functions are more productive than C
  • Also, support the vast libraries
  • It’s open-source, and it supports the third-party apps
  • But speed is faster than C

Disadvantages of C

If something has advantages it’s natural that they have some disadvantages also. The disadvantages of C are as follows:

  • It’s a vast language, it takes time to understand its structure and programs
  • It doesn’t support the concept of OOPs
  • In C programming doesn’t have a concept of Creator or destroyer
  • Its level of abstraction is very low
  • It also does not have a concept of namespace

Disadvantages of PYTHON

  • Its main weakness is, that it is very weak in mobile computing
  • Because of the dynamic structure, it is very slow.
  • It uses a large amount of memory. During building applications, we need memory optimization.
  • Its database access layers are underdeveloped as compared to JDBC and ODBC.
  • Because of its dynamic design, it takes more testing time.

C Vs Python: Average Salary According to Stackflow Survey 2021

As you can see in the figure, a C programmer earns over $53,000 annually, while a Python programmer gets up to $59,454.

C Vs Python

C Vs Python: Tabular Difference

C Programming LanguagePython Programming Language 
IntroductionAs you know, C is a general-purpose, procedural computer programming language used to perform various tasks.As compared to c, Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language.
Memory-managementIn the C programming language, the programmer is responsible for memory management.Python’s memory management is handled via an automatic garbage collector.
SpeedC uses a compiler to translate code and Compiled programs execute faster than interpreted programs because it translates the whole program. Python Uses an interpreter to translate programming code, and Interpreted programs execute slower than compiled programs. An interpreter translates codes line by line.
Implementing Data StructuresThe functions of data structures must be explicitly implemented when they are implemented.With built-in insert and add operations, it’s simple to create data structures.
ApplicationsC is generally used for hardware-related applications.Python is a General-Purpose programming language.
ComplexityThe syntax of a C program is more complex than in Python.Syntax of Python programs is easy to learn, write and read.
ApplicationsC is generally used for hardware-related applications.Python is a General-Purpose programming language.
Built-in functionsThere are only a few built-in functions in C.Python has a vast built-in function library.
Error DebuggingError debugging in C is challenging because it is a compiler-dependent language. This means it compiles the complete source code and then displays all errors.Error debugging is straightforward. Errors are displayed immediately, and the execution is halted at that point. This means it only accepts one instruction at a time and compiles and executes it simultaneously.
PointersIn C, pointers are available.In Python, there is no support for pointers.
Declaration of variablesIn C, a variable’s type must be stated at the program creation time.The type of variable does not need to be declared. During the execution of a program, a variable can be stuck on values of various sorts. In Python, variables are untyped.
Function renaming mechanismThe function renaming method is not supported in C. This indicates that the same function cannot be used under two different names.It supports function renaming, which means two different names can call the same function.
C Vs Python

C Vs Python: Stackoverflow Survey 2021

As we all know, opportunities arise from time to time, and we may wish to change our careers or learn new languages. As a result, according to the stack flow study, many developers want to change jobs or transfer programming languages from C to Python or Python to C. You check the image given below.

C vs Python: As per StackOverflow Survey 2021, There are 9226 C language programmers who want to work with python.
C vs Python: There are 6746 Python Programmers who want to work with the C programing language.

The learning ways/platforms of C vs Python

If you are a beginner and want to learn both languages or any out of Python vs C, there are some tips and platforms where you can learn from scratch and enhance your skills. It will be very helpful to build your career as a programmer. You can follow any tips and be an amazing programmer. Here we go

  • When you start learning any out of Python vs C, first look at the period of time. How much time it will take to understand completely and schedule your time accordingly.
  • Don’t learn in one go. Divide your syllabus and practice daily. Without practice, there is no benefit to learning any out of C vs Python.
  • Focus on your basics rather than run your horses. The best and most active learning takes time. Once you become a master of your basics then you will never be in doubt to understand advanced changes.
  • Learning frequently is the main key to being an advanced programmer. Don’t choose alternate days for practice. Give at least an hour each day on Python vs C.
  • There are some online platforms where you can learn for free or at a nominal cost like Youtube, Etc. these will help you to learn from scratch. Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • It’s better to take advice from experts as well. If it is feasible to discuss your experience with the experts you know. It would be better and build your confidence and clear your doubts quickly.
  • Give at least one week on Python basics, 1 week on data analysis, 1 week on OOP, 2 weeks on Django, etc. do the same with C, divide your syllabus, and stick to them.

Conclusion: C Vs Python

Now it is all up to you; how can you take advantage after following the above steps. Python vs C both has some advantages and disadvantages. It’s your research and learning speed on how fast you grasp information. If you doubt which language you should learn first, we recommend you learn both and then use them according to your work demand. It’ll increase your prudence as well as skills. If you want Programming assignment help related to C Programming Help and Python Assignment Help from our experts, we are ready to help you with All Programming Help.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Is C better than Python to start with?

Python is easier to write because it has fewer keywords and a more free English language syntax, whereas C is more challenging. As a result, Python is the way to go if you want a straightforward development process. Python is slower than C because it requires a lot of CPU time for interpretation. So, in terms of speed, C is the preferable choice.

Do I need to learn C before Python?

It is not necessary to learn C before beginning to program in Python. Only the syntax changes when you learn a new programming language. With a new programming language, you just learn the syntax, but the fundamentals remain the same.

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