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Types Of Programming Language

There are various types of Programming Language used all over the world and some of those mostly used Programming languages are:

  • C Language
    It is a genreal purpose programming langauge. It is an extremely popular language very simple and flexible to use language.
  • Java
    Java is also a general purpose computer programming language. It is a broadly used language that continues running with an idea of make once and run wherever i.e. it is platform independent. It activates that once you develop code, it can deal with different stages without uncovering any improvements. Java has a bytecode structure which draws in the language to continue running on the shifting Java virtual machines.
  • Python
    Python is a high-level language. It is used to develop comprehensive application. It has readable codes as a comparison to c, java, and c++ language.
  • SQL
    It is related to the structure question language. It is developed with the algebra and calculus. SQL is a very useful language to maintain the data in a system.
  • C++
    It is a language with things direct, major, and nonexclusive properties of programming. It is used in different stages, for instance, significance virtual things, servers and work a district.
  • Javascript:
    It depends on models with high-class and dynamic limits. Javascript is a key piece of a web program which talks with the customer, controls the program, and performs odd correspondence. It is a multifaceted language because of its goal and it's programming characteristics.

What is the aim of Programming Language?

  • To find the process of the action structure of the programming language.
  • Programming language utilizes certain principles to pass on with the various PCs.
  • To get to the swaps and divergencies between various qualities of programming language.
  • To watch the structure of programming related to various language highlights.
  • To comprehend the adequacy of the programming language in sorting out of a thing and being created.

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