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What is Weka?

Weka is open-source software, and it is based upon various machine learning algorithms. Weka is the collection of the machine learning algorithm. Weka contains multiple tools for data, classification, and rules. WEKA, or Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis. It is a program that is frequently used for data mining tasks.

Users of this software can browse and examine ARFF data files and carry out data management tasks, including regression and data clustering. The application can also be used to create brand-new machine learning algorithms. Users can safeguard the analysis result as a JDBC database or store it in ARFF or CSV format.

It is also used to find the determining factors. Weka can be directly applied to the data called a java code. It is well suited for developing new machine learning.

Features of the Weka software

  • Open Source
  • It is open-source software related to the GNU. Weka is a dual-licensed process. Pentaho Corporation claims the restrictive permit to utilize the stage for business knowledge in their item.

  • GUI
  • It stands for the graphical user interface. GUI helps you complete your machine learning program.

  • CLI
  • CLI stands for the command-line interface. The CLI uses every feature of the weka software. It is a high-level software for the weka.

  • Java API
  • Java API language is written in Java. It provides various Application Programming for the Weka Help. It also promotes integration into your applications. It likewise advances reconciliation in your applications.

  • Documentation
  • Weka is suitable software for books and manual courses. It is used the improve the skills of the weka Help.

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