Terms And Conditions

By placing an order with or hiring the services provided by AllProgrammingHelp.com,theclientacknowledges that he or she has read through the below mentionedTerms&Conditions and come to an agreement completely. It means that theclientacceptsthat the Company’s terms and conditions reflect ourentireagreement withthe client :


AllProgrammingHelp.com is educational online service which provides programming help, online tutoring and also writes academic papers, like essays, research papers, coursework, dissertations, etc. only for the reference and research purposes. We don’t support and strongly rejects all misconducts that lead them to plagiarism as these acts are considered as the infringement of copyright. So, the AllProgrammingHelp.com firmlywarnstheclients against imitation and copying of our sample papers oranyprogrammingwork. Any misconduct that causes plagiarism will be consideredaserious crimeand dealt in accordance with the Copyright Act.

AllProgrammingHelp.com hires only industry experts, professional, highly qualified and competent academic writers. Our in-house programmers and writers have hands-on experience of academic writing and programming who produce original work and customised essays and other academic writing tasks.

The client’s formal agreement to the Terms and Conditions will be active immediately when we allocates a relevant expert to start the order till the completed final document is delivered to the client’s email ID.

AllProgrammingHelp.com crafts the work completely as per the clients’ desires format, requirements and specifications. In case if the client is dissatisfied with the quality of the work provided, the client will must inform the Company within 1 week from the date of delivery.

The Company is responsible to issue a refund to the clients if the objections are found suitable. We advise that the client must review the 'Refund Policy' section to thoroughly understand the situations to claim a refund.

Delivery Agreement

AllProgrammingHelp.com knows the worth of within the timely submission in the students’ academic life, so, on-time delivery of the final document and work is our guarantee.

In situations where on time delivery of the completed work is impossible, the client will be eligible for a refund according to the Company's Refund Policy.

AllProgrammingHelp.com will deliver the final document or work on the client’s email ID with no extra charges.

In case if spam filters, incorrect information on the order form, wrong email ID or any type of negligence is committed by the client, AllProgrammingHelp.com willnotbeliable for delay in the delivery or any other problems arousedbytheclient’s negligence.

Once we deliver the finished work to you, we encourage you to go through it at your earliest and if there are any discrepancies get back to us within 48 hours with the document highlighting specific parts of the document that needs to be revised along with specific instructions mentioning what needs to be done. Failure to do so will void the refund completely. Read the Refund Policy.

We recommend students who use our service to take time and read the entire document thoroughly, adjust the language accordingly and add their own understanding of the task at hand before final submission. Marking is out of our scope of work. It’s entirely your teachers choice what to grade you.

Please note that revisions or rework are part of the research writing process. You may find that your assignment is not done as you had expected in the first go that’s why we offer free revisions.

Round The Clock Customer Support

AllProgrammingHelp.com agrees to assign a well-behaved and dutiful representative of chat or email customer support who will immediately respond to the client’s queries about the order throughout the agreement’s duration.

AllProgrammingHelp.com agrees to give uninterrupted round the clock customer support staff through mail or chat to effectively serve the clients.

AllProgrammingHelp.com provides the original, customised and non-plagiarised work to its valued clients.


AllProgrammingHelp.com possesses absolute authority and the right to make changes or additions in its Terms and Conditions, completely or just a few clauses. So it is suggested you to kindly review our terms and conditions frequently.