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What is a Computer Network?

A computer network is an interconnection of computing hardware and computer systems devices that share resources. Network identification is usually based on their characteristics. The connection of computer networks to multiple computers simultaneously to share information, data, and resources. We offer the best quality Computer network assignment help from our professionals who have years of experience in this field.

Characteristics of a computer network:

  • Sharing of resources
  • Creating and storing files on a computer device and access them from another computer
  • Devices which are connected such as printers, scanners, and fax machines to a central computer and allowing their use by other systems in the network

Functions Of Computer Networks

A computer network is used to connect different computer users within defined parameters. The main features of the computer network are to classify, update, store, and share data. Generally, computers are connected to create a system through modems such as electronic gadgets and cables. The network is used for:

  • Encourage communication through texting, video conference, email, and so forth.
  • It allows several clients to share a single equipment device, for example, a scanner or printer.
  • Empower file sharing in the system.
  • Permit sharing of programming or operating projects on remote frameworks.

Streamline data for access and upkeep among system clients. If you want to know what features you can get from the computer network in a particular way, our experts are ready to provide computer network assignments that you need it. Get help with top-class computer network assignments from us.

Limitations of computer networks:

  • Security issue
  • Viruses and malware
  • Reliance on a PC arranges for the achievement of work
  • It requires an efficient handler

Need for computer network assignment help by students:

Students feel depleted and overburdened with the tremendous amount of written work they need to do to get their degrees. Neglecting to do as such, they look for computer network assignment help. They need to commit a sensible measure of time to assignment writing because the composition part doesn't require great composition abilities; however, exhaustive research as well. So students, who would prefer not to burn through their time can profit quick and valuable computer network assignment help.

Classification of computer networks

LAN (Local Area Network):

  • A single computer turns into a server, and others act as a customer. Anything that is stored in the server can be gotten to by customers.
  • It is intended for little territories like working environment, home, building, and so on.
  • It can associate two PCs or all PCs in a structure.
  • It utilizes Token-ring innovation or Ethernet. Among these two, Ethernet has generally used innovation that utilizes star topology.
  • It is very well, maybe wired, remote, or both.
  • Installation is Affordable.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

  • A better version of LAN
  • It works between the local area network and the wide-area network.
  • High efficiency and high-speed fiber incorporate optics.
  • It is used to connect the system throughout the city.
  • It can be in the form of ATM, token-ring, ethernet, and fiber, etc.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

  • Connects the entire country's system, thus providing connectivity to LAN and MAN.
  • High speed.
  • Expensive installation.
  • Uses advanced technologies, such as SONET and ATMs.
  • Many administrations manage it.

We give day in and day out Networking assignment help in WAN, LAN, PAN, MAN, and all the associated themes of this subject.

PAN (Personal Area Network):

  • It is the littlest system.
  • 10-meter network territory.
  • Model: mouse, wireless keyboard, and Bluetooth.

Wireless Network:

  • It allows accessing the Internet without wires.
  • The efficient method which protects against wire problems.
  • Works based on signals.


  • It is a connection between two or more systems, so it is called a network of networks.
  • It is accomplished through different equipment such as router gateway and bridge.
  • High-speed fiber uses optics.

Topics Covered Under Our Services:

  • Telecom and Network Security
  • Network applications
  • Computer Network Forms
  • Network Management
  • Network Hardware
  • Mobile Network
  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • Network topology

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