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What is HTML?

It is an abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language (HTML). It is used to create web pages and web applications.

  • For creating Web pages, HTML is an excellent language.
  • It stands for HyperText Markup Language.
  • It relates to the format of a Web page.
  • HTML contains a sequence of elements.
  • Its components tell the browser how to show the content.
  • Tags constitute elements of HTML.
  • Browsers don't show HTML labels but use them to give the content of the page.
HTML Assignment Help

Example Explained:
  • !DOCTYPE HTML: It is the declaration of the HTML document.
  • HTML: This component is HTML page source element.
  • Head: This component includes detailed document information.
  • Title: This element shows a document title.
  • Body: This element includes recognizable page content.
  • H1 to H6: These components indicate a range of headings.
  • P: This component indicate a paragraph.

Uses Of HTML

It is used for creating a basic layout or designing for the Web page. It allows easily insert text, image, animation, and links in web pages. It helps to create documents using lists, headlines, links paragraphs, and other items. HTML is a coding language that allows creating web pages and design websites. We can say that HTML is an essential requirement that is very needful to develop the site.

Useful benefits of HTML are:

  • HTML broadly used in up to date technology.
  • It is easy to access and drive.
  • All browsing systems are HTML.
  • It is very despicable until it is used in the system.

For what reason Do Students Need HTML Homework Help?

A student might require HTML assignment help for any of the following reasons:

  • Absence of the correct abilities and data to reason or compose an HTML program.
  • Lack of time to finish the assignment inside the stipulated due date.
  • Stringent standards and rules of college concerning assignment accommodation standards.
  • Lack of information and resources to complete the HTML assignment.

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Attributes For HTML

A component can be explained or altered with the guide of guidelines known as traits, and you can understand this with our online HTML essayists. The credits are added beside the tag for opening. These typically incorporate two components:

  • A quality worth
  • A quality name

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