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Defination of Computer Science

It is defined as the study of computer technology, both software, and hardware. Just like the computer and electrical engineers, Mostly computer scientists deal with software and various types of software systems; this includes their design, theory, application, and development. Computer science is one of the quickest developing vocational streams in which computer science implies the standards and utilization of the PC.

Importance of computer science:

  • Computer science is one of the highest paying and fastest-growing fields in the world. It’s not surprising that the use of computer education has exploded exponentially from the last few years. Today computer science is used almost everywhere. Don't just think software applications and computers, but consider every instrument, every human process, every device directly related to computer science.
  • Imagine a world where a message sent by you takes weeks to reach, but now, when you send a message, it takes seconds to send. It’s all possible because of computer science.
  • Knowledge of computer science will be beneficial for those who are interested in computer science stream. As the digital age rises, there is a demand for developing problem-solving and logical thinking; all these are part of the computer science activities.
  • If a student knows how to code, it gives students a power that will open up many career opportunities in the future. Every student doesn’t have to become a computer scientist, but every student deserves to have knowledge basics of computer science that will be important for the future.
  • Computer science is a developed branch of mathematics that provides the base for all the great achievements of human exploration, innovations, and prosperity and progress, that have transformed our life and understanding of our universe.
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Uses Of Computer Science:

There are many uses of computer science. Computer science is responsible for creating Mobile technology, software, Desktop Publishing, internet, information storage and management, and etc. For example, driverless cars that are already made by Waymo and Tesla, the software automating that is Algorithms generated by Computer Science. Connecting and communicating with the whole world to social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Watsapp, and etc. has done that for us. Streaming videos and video calling on the internet like- Youtube, Skype, and FaceTime all products of computer science. Today we can collect a Thousand movies in a micro SD card which was not possible before, but now it’s possible because of computer science.

There are various other uses of Computer Science. Computer Science has developed the world very much, and it continues to have endless possibilities.

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