Full-Stack vs. Software Engineer

Full-Stack vs. Software Engineer: Which One Should You Choose?

Full-stack developers and software engineers both are two different job names. They both are very different from each other although they have similar types of jobs and they work in the same company they have different tasks, job responsibilities, and other features. Full-stack developers are working at the front and back ends of websites. It is their responsibility to develop them and make them unique. Software engineers are working in the field of software applications. They create the software system and operating system of the games, apps, and so many others. It is very important that you understand the full concept of full-stack vs. software engineers. They both have project-oriented goals and meet the client’s objective. 

Who Are Full-Stack Developers?

Full-stack developers mostly work on website developments. They work on the front and back end development of websites. It refers to programming tools and language which requires for the development of a website. It involves some important coding and programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. These are all focused on the development of the front end of the website. For the back-end development, they use mostly Python and PHP programming language but it is not necessary that every time they can use these languages for the development of websites. They hire for the broader capacity and wide scale of projects. It is very important that you know all about full-stack vs. software engineer. 

Who Are Software Engineers?

Software engineers are software technology specialists who have extensive knowledge of programming languages, computer operating systems, and software development. Software engineers develop software for androids, computers or laptops, tablets, televisions, consoles, and so many other things. They work according to the demand of clients and fulfills their needs and wants. They use so many programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, Swift, etc. To become a software engineer it is very important that you know all the differences between full-stack developers and software engineers and the skills, responsibilities, and concepts of full-stack vs. software engineer. 

Differences: Full-stack vs. Software engineer

They both are very different from each other and it is very important that you know all about these differences between full-stack developers and software engineers. 

Basis of differenceFull-stack developerSoftware engineer
Work They are experts in development and they can write APIs and databases as well as website development. They work on PCs and they create operating systems and software applications for various things. 
accessibilityThey can access all aspects of the websites and promote the front end of the websites. They are responsible only for the access of the software applications for all people and it is quite limited. 
Skills In this, you require programming language skills like HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the front end and PHP, and Python for the back end of the website development.In this, you require full knowledge of software and operating system of computer and C#, Java, Swift, and other software development programming languages. 
Domain It creates fast prototype designs for products and follows a holistic approach to the development of the solution. They build a process of an application and are responsible for a specific aspect of software application. These applications are free from errors and work smoothly.
Role in a teamFull-stack developers are heads of the team and help their fellow team members to complete their tasks properly. They are part of the team and work in a particular area and they work with team members and complete the steps of software application.
Career They are in huge demand and have many options for careers and they can also work as entrepreneurs because of their diverse skill setsThey have many career options in IT companies and are in huge demand because they focus on the aspect of software applications.
Product They work on web applications and create products for multiple purposes such as SEMRush and for a single purpose such as Grammarly.They create various software products like AdobePhotoshop, MS word, Skype’s desktop app, and many more. 
Drawbacks Their role is very difficult because they spend most of their time-solving problems in their work. For example:- HTML 5 in 2014 has back-end problems and developers resolve that problem by spending their time.They have problems in the development of old software in changing their codes and they have advanced skills and time to solve that problem. 
Learning pathIn this, you need to learn about front-end, back-end developments, and programming languages knowledge and you don’t need any B.tech degree.In this, you need a degree in computer science such as bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as experience and full knowledge of programming language.
Salary The average salary in this field is $105,813 pa.The average salary in this field is $92,046 pa.

Similarities: Full-stack vs. Software engineer

There are some important similarities between full-stack developers and software engineers.

  1.  Business roles

They both have similar business roles and use computer technology in their work and develop websites, and software applications according to the client demand.

  1. Testing 

They test their product after creating them and check environments that simulate the real world or not under various scenarios. 

  1. Methodologies 

They both have excellent programming methodologies like Agile, Scrum, Kanban, etc. They use these methodologies to improve collaboration, productivity, and code quality.

  1. Education and Experience

They both have a degree in computer science and knowledge of STEM programs such as math and science. They also need work experience in their fields. 

Important tasks performed by Full-stack developers and Software engineers.

There are some important job tasks listed that they perform in their jobs as full-stack and software engineers. 

They also have some important skills required to perform their tasks such as technical skills, soft skills, and project management skills in full-stack developers and design skills, technical skills, and soft skills in software engineers. 

Full-stack developerSoftware engineer
1.Consulting with clientsDeveloping and directing software system testing
2.Developing software prototypesManaging software development cycles
3.Designing applicationsCommunicating task points with customers and group members
4.Leading product development teamsInvolving engineering and mathematical codes to software evolution
5.Writing code for back-end operationsMonitoring system performance
6.Composing and optimizing principles for front-end operationsDeveloping project plans and proposals
7.Testing code to meet client’s expectationsAnalyzing data to improve existing systems
8.Monitoring performance of web architecturesWorking alongside team members
9.Troubleshooting and determining problems with web applicationsDesigning and implementing systems


We discussed the full-stack vs. software engineer in this article. I give all differences, similarities, job tasks, and responsibilities in this article. I hope this information is relevant and helpful for you to choose your career. If you read this article with full focus, then I’m sure that your doubts are clear and make it an easy task for you to decide which one is best for you. It is very important that you choose the best career option. That’s why you need to understand all factors that differentiate full-stack developers and software engineers.

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Is a software engineer the same as a full-stack developer?

No, software engineers and full-stack developers are not the same. Software engineering is a subset of software applications and full-stack developer work with the development of websites. It is very important that you know the difference between both. 

Who has a more salary full-stack developer and software engineer?

Full-stack developers get more salaries than software engineers. Full-stack developers have an average salary in India is 9.2 LPA and lowest salary is 4.6 LPA, and the highest salary is 17 LPA. Software engineers have an average salary in India is 5.1 LPA and the highest salary is 10 LPA and the lowest salary is 3.5 LPA. 

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