How to Use Main function in python Step by Step Guide

How to Use Main function in python Step by Step Guide

Here AllProgrammingHelp experts will explain to you how to use main function in Python step by step guide.

How to Use Main function in python

In today’s IT world, there is always an advantage if once you understand the nuances of programming languages. Only the depth knowledge of technology can play the main role to become a master and to beat the competition. Python is one of the best and widely used languages. It’s providing so many opportunities to those who are eager to learn. For a python developer, they will have to learn the main function in python language.

In this blog, we will discuss what is the main() function in python. How you have to learn and what’s the demand in today’s time.

What is the Main() function?

Various programming languages are having some special functions. In the python, the main() is the program file’s execution point or we can say an entry point. Without main() you can not start any file. The below figure helps you to understand how python’s main() function works in the program file.

# Python program to demonstrate

# main() function


# Defining main function

def main():

    print(“hey there”)

# Using the special variable 

# __name__

if __name__==”__main__”:


Now the questions may arise in your mind like what are the use of the main() function in python, why the main() function is important to learn and so many. Here we will point out every question and discuss in detail about them.

Uses of the main function in python step by step

The main function is denoted as “Main()”. It is executed automatically when the program is run. you don’t need to elaborate on the main function in python whenever you write a program. Because the Python interpreter executes from the top of the file. That’s the reason why python is a more effective language among other languages.

Why we need the main function

The inputs and outputs of the computer programs managed by python functions. Main() is one of them. Python language’s effective functions help to manage and transform the data. 

Modifications are generally made to run results such as working and finding results. And, the group of operations or instructions needed to do so comes from logically functional blocks of code that can be reused independently of the main program.

Thus, Main() is a very important function in python. In this, if the main() is not use at the top program, it will not work to execute the program.

OK rather compose a solitary bit of code multiple times or only a single time and use it multiple times?

You should consider the main() function as a task in which you have to perform. Yet, characterizing it once with a name will let you reuse that usefulness without making your primary projects look excessively unnerving. This definitely lessens lines of code and even make investigating simpler.

The main function in python is to perform various tasks and consuming less time.

What is “ _ _name_ _”  and it uses in python

It’s a special variable that shows the current module of the name. It has a different use in a file. Look at the example


Run Code

At the point when we run the program as a content, the estimation of the variable __name__ is set to __main__. So the yield of the accompanying project will be:


That’s all about the main function in python. Thus, it works on a certain specific task.

Uses of  __name__  and  __main__

Since we’ve seen how the values allocated to __name__ variables are, we can use if contingency to run a similar Python document to the contrary in different settings.

How about we take a gender on a model.

Let’s say we change the substance of the document together:

def main():

    print(“Hello World”)

if __name__==”__main__”:


Advantages of the main function in python

  • Decrease copying of code that’s why the result accuracy is very high
  • It can help to divide the workload by making different function
  • Make complicated things into the easiest piece
  • You can hide the information
  • Reform accuracy of the code
  • You can reuse code so easily

Disadvantages of the main function in python 

  • Sometimes, it creates a runtime error
  • The speed of python function is slow then c, c++
  • It wouldn’t help to develop a mobile application
  • The database access is limited 
  • Its memory consumption is very high


In this blog, you came to know about the main function in python step by step. Now you should be developed any application easily. It will be very easy for you to follow the process and work on all applications. 

Now you can capable to understand the main function in python and now you can easily use these functions of python to develop applications. 

After reading about the main function in python step by step guide I am sure you want to know more about python or the main function in python.
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