What are the uses of Java | Top 10 Java Uses in web development

What are the uses of Java | Top 10 Java Uses in web development

Here in this blog, AllProgrammingHelp experts will explain to you about what are the uses of Java in detail. And what are the top 10 Java Uses in web development?

Java is a programming language and it is a widely popular programming language. At the same time, the most complicated programming language.

Do you want to know what are the uses of Java programming?

Java is used to create and distribute content on the web by programmers. In the new era, so many students choose this for higher study. Before learning the Java one should also have to know what are the uses of Java. where the Java is used and why the Java is used?

So, before grabbing the knowledge of what are the uses of java we should first know about java.

Definition :

The Java language is a general-purpose, high-level language. It is object-oriented, class-based, concurrent, and specially created to improve new software for different platforms.

It was developed by the genius SUN MICROSYSTEM and was created by GREEN TEAM. Basically, it is a small engineer team that made the java initiated in 1991.

When a programmer develops the coding for a java application. The bytecodes of the program can be executed on the operating systems such as Mac OS and Linux. Java receives many of its syntaxes from the programming languages C and C++.  

Java platform:

The platform is the interaction between the hardware and software and it is an environment in which a program runs. some most popular platform like Solaris OS, Microsoft window, Linux

 It has 2 component:

  1. The java application programming interface (API)
  2. Java virtual machine (JVM)

Java works on an independent – platform environment. The native code is a bit faster than java code but nowadays new changes in the compiler and native machine bring performance closer to native code without posing any threat in security.

How a program works:

How a Program Works

Now let’s learn what are the uses of Java:

Mobile Application:-

J2ME and JAVA ME, both are the cross-platform frameworks to build the application of mobile that runs across all the java supported devices.

Android software development kit is used to make the application of java for smartphones. And the script is also written in that tool and after compiling the code the application is ready to run in any java supported devices including smartphones also.

2. Desktop application:-

the most bizarre feature of java is “GUI” The graphic user interface development which is generally implemented by abstract windowing toolkit(AWT), JavaFX and swing

AWT contains predefined components such as a menu, button, list, and many third-party numerous components.

JavaFX gives the set of graphical representation and some media packages and interoperability and self-made deployment model which help to write the script easily.

Swing components are lightweight and provide the most powerful components such as a table, charts, scroll panes, tree, tabbed panel and more related components that are used to write the code.

3. Web application:-

STRUTS, SERVLETS or JSPs are some of the best technologies. We use these Java technologies to develop or make any type of web application.

The easy coding and high security offered by this programming language.

Allow the development of a large number of applications for health, social security, education, and insurance.

In E-Commerce, the application uses the broadleaf and open-source software for making of the E-commerce site.

4. Scientific application:-

The software developer feels it is like the best weapon when it comes to coding scientific and mathematical calculations. These programs are highly secured and very fast. And also have low maintenance and a higher degree of portability.

Like MATLAB is the core example of scientific application it is written by java. And we use it to solve the scientific problem it is one of the best uses of java.

5. Gaming and animation:-

Java is one of the best platforms to generate the 2d and 3d games,3D engine, jmonkey engine are the best tools use to develop 3d games.

Some issues occur while generating the code but in new updation of JVMs solve it. Java makes a lot of interesting games which we used in our daily life to keep fresh of mind.

6. Embedded system:-

Embedded system ranges from the tiny chip to the specialized computer.such as sim card, television, utility meters are some of the technologies of the embedded system.

GPIO, I2C or SPI these devices communicate with sensors and actuators, and java makes its simple access to the interface.

7. Enterprise application:-

Java enterprise edition is a popular tool. Uses by developers to make the enterprise application quickly and provides an API and runtime environment for scripting.

It is also the backbone of banking applications which have run from front to back server end.97% of enterprise computer is controlled by java, a report given by oracle.it also includes web-services and network applications.


It is a platform uses for a distributed computing system. Base on the Online market and has an important role in the IT sector.

The user wants some java application by some highly professionalized company, the user pays the amount to that company for the application which he wants by a company like this the company gets benefits.

There is a wide range of Java Cloud development tools like Oracle Java cloud service is one of the most important tools.

9. Big data technologies:-

Java is the father of big data technologies. Java resolves the data in a simple manner in an easy way. Like HADOOP has become the most powerful language. It profs that when it comes to big data the Java is the backbone for that.

10. Self-driving car:-

One of the most trending uses of java is the self-driven car. The neural network and genetic algorithm both use in making this project. The java and artificial intelligence have a couple of combinations in robotics to make this project in use.

These above have some of the best uses of java which we examine in our daily life.

Some of the best tools of Java:-

There are so many tools of java but here we discuss some major tools only

  1. JUnit:- it is the testing tool for java code. JUnit tests allow writing codes faster, which increases quality and increases the speed of coding.
  2.  Apache Maven:- base on a project object model, this tool uses in making the projects and Allows easy writing of plugins using Java.
  3. Java Decompiler:- the java decompiler is a freeware java tool that converts the java source code from class files and It displays color-coded Source Code and decompile the code.
  4. Groovy:- it is a highly powerful language it uses for compilation capabilities and static typing. The main aim to improve the productivity of developers.

Some advantages of java:-

  • Java is a simple language, easy to compile, easy to debug and the main advantage is easy to learn
  • The most appropriate feature of java is to run a program from one computer to another easily.it is an independent platform.
  • Java is a secure language, under Java everything is secure.
  • Java works in a distributed environment, any type of network program is the same as sending and receiving data from a file.

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