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How can I improve my programming skills? Excellent 13 ways

Suppose you want to become a good programmer. In that case, you should have good knowledge of algorithms, data structures, designing using object-oriented programming, and several other programming concepts, for example, unit testing, dividing, prototyping, and recursion. It is not possible to learn to program fast because it is a combination of many skills. You will learn it with time and experience, but it will not happen automatically. Not all programmers exercise these important programming skills. If there is a compulsory problem-solving test, the number of average programmers would be better.

What is Programming?

Programming is used to facilitate particular computational functionality and operations that are executed logically. Programming can be done in more than one language, which can be differentiated by domain, application, and programming model. The syntax and semantics can be used for designing applications; therefore, one has to have expertise in a specific language. The logic behind a programming language differs as per the developer’s requirements. Here are some points which will help you to improve your programming skills.

There are a few points that can evaluate proper programming skills, and that is:


Concentrate on well- the structure and executions of the algorithms.


Appropriate documentation can offer insight to the other designers and program developers.


Concentrate on the capability of program continuations, disregarding the incorrect data or errors.


Concentrate on hardware, memory, or other properties that can be used for optimizing the programs.

Top 13 excellent ways to increase your programming skills.

Coding, Coding, and Coding

Why did I put coding on the top list? It is because coding is difficult and, at the same time, an important part of programming.

With the help of coding, you can check your threading, designing, and error handling mistakes. You can’t just work in structuring only; coding produces output, which may be important to learn.

Don’t stop just after you solve your problem. The best way for a prototype is to throw out the first solution, and the second solution must address the problem of the prototype that is missing the requirements required for building a prototype.  

By Reading Books

There is a distinction between bad and good code, but how will you understand? Until you have found a code that is good and understands why that code is good, you can’t know the difference.

This is where books play the main role. In books, they show their experience. By reading books, you can find problems in your code and apply the solution given in the book. You can learn a lot from someone else’s experience by reading books. If you want to improve your skills, you can do it by learning from your own experience, or you can learn from others’ experiences.

It’s not always good to read more books. Reading 2-3 books and enjoying them many times is better.

Contribution to Open Source and Signing-up mailing lists

To become a better programmer and to improve your programming skills that can contribute to open source coding, especially from Google, Apache, and many other projects. Signing their mail list will teach you a lot as several discussions occur between the programmers. After listening to other programmers, they approach, view, solve, and develop good programming habits.

Practicing data Algorithms, structure, and problems related to Design

Our experts considered putting this as a second point but ended up with the fourth. This is the essential thing to do If you want to become a good programmer or want to increase your programming skills.

By learning algorithms, data structure, and basics, you can take advantage of what is accessible. As data structure is the main part of the program, good knowledge about that helps you problem-solve. If you have a good understanding of the algorithm, it will help you increase your programming skills.

By Reading Blogs

Other than reading books, you can also read blogs. Reading blogs is a small part of reading books.

How do blogs help you in becoming a good programmer? Since programmers write programming blogs, many share their personal experiences and views. 

The information given in blogs is important, and they are small pieces of information that you can digest easily. A blog also helps you learn new features and the existing language technology.

By Reading Codes

If you are reading blogs to become a better programmer, then if you are reading codes, it will help you more than that. Reading blogs is more comfortable than reading codes. You should study the code of the open-source projects, your existing established code, and your fellow programmer’s code, and try to learn how these codes work and see what they are executing and why they are executing.

At the starting stage, you will find it monotonous to find patterns and develop skills, but with time you will get used to it, making good sense. It will help you in finding your mistakes.

This coding sense is one of the signs of a good programmer. They are good at spotting your mistakes.

Unit test

The unit test complements the coding and thinking processes and will help you design better. Writing unit tests helps search for better abstraction, better interface, better abstract class design, and overall code quality improvement. An average programmer also finds unit testing, coding, and designing difficult.

Many programmers write the small test instead of thinking hard about the usage scenario. Always write the unit tests for your code.

Code review

Like writing Unit testing, Code review also helps you become a good programmer and will help you increase your programming skills. Code review helps the author and reviewer. If you get a chance to work with a company with code review and unit testing, consider yourself lucky. Unit testing and code review will help you improve your programming skills.

Practice as much as you can

You have to build confidence in your abilities. You came this far with the help of online tutorials.

Don’t feel hesitant to finish your practice project either if you have learned what you wanted; things can get boring if your target of learning a particular thing is already achieved.

Talking to a programmer

Reading can be an inactive form as compared to the talking method. Selecting a program and examining it with the other programmer leads them to a better conclusion. This fact is also natural as your mind involve more in a certain discussion when you listen and talk to others.

You have found bugs, gaps, and design flaws when discussing with your teammates. Programmers remove them with the help of the computer, talking to others, sharing, and doing whiteboard session help.

Don’t just code; participate in events, talk to other programmers, listen to them, and hang out with your fellow programmer. 

Participate in events

Participating in events will help you revise your knowledge. The first person who will benefit by sharing knowledge is the one who shares—participating in events answering.

Other people’s questions are the best way to revise your knowledge and increase your programming skills. Sharing our knowledge with others will help and put them to the test. Many times you have seen someone getting benefit from your knowledge. Also, you are correcting your misconception.

Talk to everyone

When you talk to many people about their experiences, you will find out they have faced the same problems and had the same feeling of doubts. You are not alone. Many people have faced the same issues, which will give you the confidence to move forward in your programming learning and improve your programming skills. 

Listen to a podcast

Podcasts about coding are a great way to keep up with the latest developments, discover cutting-edge methods and web design tools, and hear from more seasoned programmers about their professional journeys. Learning through listening is also a fun and successful instructional method that allows you to focus on the subject without being distracted by cat videos and clickbait.


All programmers want to become the best programmer, but everyone can’t succeed. Other than your natural talent for solving programming, increasing your programming skills requires a lot of hard work, continuous learning, and determination to become the best programmer. The more you practice coding, unit testing, code review, and designing, the better you will become.

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How quickly can I pick up Python?

Learning the fundamentals of Python typically takes two to six months. However, you can quickly pick up enough knowledge to write your first brief program. Learning how to use Python’s extensive collection of libraries can take months or years.

Why is programming difficult?

The intricacy of the instructions that computers can understand is the main factor contributing to programming’s reputation as being difficult to learn. Computers cannot be programmed using English or any other human language.

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